Terms and conditions

General conditions for using the website

The main role of the website www.cetateafagarasului.com is that of informing all the visitors and potential visitors. The use of the website by you is conditioned by the observance of the terms and general condition of access and use, detailed below. Therefore, accessing the website means the implicit acceptance of the general conditions of use.

Intellectual property

This website is owned and administered by the Făgăraș County Museum “Valer Literat”. Its content, meaning both the images and texts, is in the property of the Făgăraș County Museum or of third-party partners which authorized their use by the museum.

The reproduction, both in physical and digital format, of the images, the existent articles, or fragments of these articles, is allowed with the condition of using them only for personal uses, excluding advertising or commercial uses, to comply with the intellectual property legislation in force. Any other use or partial change of these elements is strictly forbidden and is considered a violation, punished accordingly to the legislation in force.

Information about the presented data

Făgăraș County Museum “Valer Literat” reserves the right to change the information present on the website without preliminary notice, a fact for which you are kindly asked to frequently consult the existent News section. The information that can be changed most often refers to the visiting schedule, fees, visitable spaces, and/or other measures of an organizational nature.

Links placement

Placing links to the website www.cetateafagarasului.com requires preliminary approval from Făgăraș County Museum. Therefore, in case you want to add a link to our website, please contact us at the email address muzeufagaras@yahoo.com or by phone at 0368 404287.

Făgăraș County Museum “Valer Literat” is not responsible for the accuracy of the data regarding the visiting schedule, fees, or any other organizational information provided on other websites. To have a trustworthy source of information, please use the current website as a means of information.

Changing the terms and conditions

Făgăraș County Museum “Valer Literat” reserves the right of changing or updating at any moment not only the content of this page but also of this website, without any preliminary notice. In case there are any questions regarding the general terms of use, please contact us at muzeufagaras@yahoo.com.