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The fortress guard

The fortress has never been conquered through the force of arms and on one hand, this was due to its military capacity – emplacement, construction, and weapons -, and on the other hand, it was due to the rigorous military instructions regarding the defense of the fortress, given by the Princesses of Transylvania to the chatelaine or governor of the fortress.

These instructions aimed how the chatelaine of the fortress “should take care of the fortress, its inner endowment, walls, buildings (…), the defense ditch”, and also which were the obligations of this dignitary towards the Princess and her family. The most known records are those given by Princess Anna Bornemisza to the captain of the fortress, Sigismund Boer of Făgăraș, on the 8th of November 1675.

Starting from these instructions given by Princess Anna Bornemisza, at the end of the year 2015 it was constituted the Făgăraș Fortress guard which beyond a reconstitution of a piece of history, it’s also an attraction point for tourists.