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The iron virgin

In the writings about the fortress from one century ago, the existence of a mechanism of death, known as “The iron virgin” was recorded, mechanism brought in the 18th century: “near the chapel today the old prison can be seen, in which instruments of torture were installed, between which the so-called iron virgin prevailed, whose role was the following: the person sentenced to death, imprisoned in this room, was told on the day of the execution that he is forgiven of the sentence and would be released with the condition of kissing a face of the Mother of God, hanging on the chest of this virgin, placed in a recess of the Western wall at a depth of about two meters. The convict, in the joy of liberation, headed, oh my, for one last time towards that face of the Mother of God, but when he kissed it, he stepped on a device thus arranged so the virgin’s arms opened with a lightning speed and with the knives they had, one in each hand, they approached in the form of a hug and pierced the body of the convict. 

Also thanks to this device, a hole opened at the virgin’s feet, in which the convict, respectively his corpse, felt from a height of 8-10 meters in a sewer, in which some horizontally arranged swords with sharp edges pointed upwards were placed, on which the falling body was cut into several pieces. Through another device, water from around the fortress was let in, water which washed away any traces of blood or meat, taking them through the north-western side and heading them towards the river Olt with which it was connected, and which was flowing at a distance of only 800 meters from the fortress”.